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Configurable Product - SKU issue


Configurable Product - SKU issue

Hi, I've searched a bit and didn't get the right article so I will try it:


I have a problem with Article Numbers (SKU) for configurable products. If I get an order of an configurable product, I will receive only the SKU from the conf. product instead of the SKU of the attached product.

For example: SKU of the conf. product is "1", the attached product is"101". If the order is placed the right number would b the "101" but I just receive the "1" in my system. How can I fix this? 


Thanks in advance, Markus





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Re: Configurable Product - SKU issue


You can add below code intoname.phtml file


$parent = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load($_item->getProductId());
echo $parent->getSku();

instead of

<?php echo implode('<br />', Mage::helper('catalog')->splitSku($this->escapeHtml($this->getSku()))); ?>