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Configurable Products with multiple attributes

Configurable Products with multiple attributes

I'm trying to setup a configurable product with multiple attributes. When I think of a configurable product this means I can configure a product based on the attributes selected. For example:
I have a configurable product (cable) that has a price of EUR 1,00. I can then select a attribute named 'length'. Within length are several values like 1 mrt, 2 mtr etc. Each length value has its own price (1m = EUR 1.00, 2m = EUR 2.00 etc). After length I select attribute color. Also several values apply like Red, Blue, Green and each color has its own price (Red = EUR 1.00, Blue = EUR 2.00, Green = EUR 3.00). To make it extra complicated I want to add another attribute like packaging. So a additional attribute is entered with values like 'Packed in a bag' (price EUR 0.50) and Packed in a box (Price EUR 1.00)

Now when I want to configure my 'cable' on the front-end it should works as follows:
I select my first option: Length: 2m (Price EUR 2.00)
I select my second option: Color: Blue (Price EUR 2.00)
I select my third option: Packaging: Packed in a box (Price EUR 1.00)

The final product should be a 'Blue cable with a length of 2m packed in a box'. The supposed price for this 'configuration' EUR 2.00 (option 1) + EUR 2.00 (option 2) + EUR 1.00 (option 3) = EUR 4.00

But unfortunately it does not seem to work like this and only the price of the last attribute (last selected option 'packaging') is taken and the cable is to be sold for only EUR 1.00.

What am I doing wrong or does Magento not work the way I thought configurable products should work (to calculate a price based on all selected options)?


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Re: Configurable Products with multiple attributes

Hi @Stuono,


When you use Configurable products there isn't a last product. Teh comebination of 3 products (on you example) is 1 simple product and that will be the price to be used.

Did you tried with Bundle Products. I think that maybe could fit better with your needs.

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Re: Configurable Products with multiple attributes

@Damian Culotta


Thank you for your comments. I will have a look at bundled products and conduct some tests with it. I also found a extension from Mageworx; Advance product options. This suits my needs. It enables options to be added to products and adds prices per option. Its a nice extension but if bundled products does the trick it would save me some money.