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Configurable product, why is price required?

Configurable product, why is price required?

When creating a configurable product with say for example three different simple product as choices (in this case packaging sizes) which include their own prices I still have to set a price for a the configurable product.


That is not a problem until I change the prices for the different simple products but can't change the price for the configurable product (field not shown). This causes the old price which I had set on the configurable product when creating it to be shown on the products page.


How do I either change the configurable products price to reflect the new prices or simply have Magento use one of the simple products prices instead on the products page?


Re: Configurable product, why is price required?

Hi @CPatrikL,


Making it rely on the simple product price requires some custom development I believe, but you should be able to update the configurable price by going to Catalog > Manage Products > Searching for the configurable item and selecting it 


You should now be on the product information page for the configurable item and should see Price in the left-hand navigation. This will open the pricing settings for the configurable that you can edit.

At the bottom of this left-hand navigation you will also see Associated Products. This section gives more options for customising the simples that are under this configurable. 


If this doesn't help, update this post with further details and screenshots to so that we can help you further. 


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