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Configurable products issue


Configurable products issue

Hello everyone. I'm setting up a configurable product, which is a shoe. I have 2 attributes, color and size for each shoe.


If I go to the store and select the configurable product, lets says the shoe "Foo", and I created 4 single associated products for the confgurable product:


Foo1 Color Black Size 6

Foo1 Color Black Size 7

Foo1 Color Brown Size 6

Foo1 Color Brown Size 7


So, in the store, if I enter the "configurable product" I'll see the shoe "Foo" with this 2 menues "Color" and "Size", and I'll be able ro select one of the 2 colors and one of the 2 sizes.


I would like to setup the catalog the following way:


1.-  Show in the catalog each associated product with different color. In this example, the catalog would show up Foo1 Black and Foo1 Brown.


2.- If you select the configurable product in the catalog, you will be presented with Color and Size menu.

3.- If you select the associated single product of this configurable product, you will be presented with only the size menu****


*** This is what I can't find a way to do it. I can only create single products for each color and size combination.


Or even better:


If I select in the catalog the Foo1 "Brown", then it should show up the configurable product, with menu Color selected in "Brown", if I select the Foo1 "Black" then it should show up the configurable product, with menu Color selected in "Black", In both cases allowing you to select the Foo1 shoe Size.


Do you know how can I achieve this? If it's not clear what I mean, please let me know and I'll try to rephrase it.


Thank you!


Re: Configurable products issue

hi @parturi,


What you want would require development work and time to achieve as this is not the way Magento works as standard. Do you have a development agency you work with or do any PHP yourself?


Your other option would be to make a configurable product based on size for every color. So there would be a black configurable with size options and a brown configurable with size options - you could then add the other colour as a related product for both so that customers can see there is another colour available on the product page for each e.g. the black would be a related product for the brown and vice versa.


That way you don't need to change the way Magento handles configurable products.


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Re: Configurable products issue

Hi @RebeccaLTroth , thanks for your reply.


I do not work with any development agency, and yes I do program in PHP. But as I'm really new to magento, I don't have idea on how it works yet.


The ideal would be that you can setup a configurable product which can be accesed on a URL basis specifying Color=black&Size=6, and show pictures accordingly and any other related information about the single product related to the configurable product.


That workaround is what I was trying to avoid, but I could take it as it's for a demo store. Can't believe it doesn't allow that, it looks pretty basic to me, or am I wrong? what do you think?


Thanks for you reply again!

Re: Configurable products issue

I think this extension will help you:

Re: Configurable products issue

Hi there,


I guess you may want to use an extension that works with Magento such as Simplio3D - Web-Based Product Configurator.


They have qualified developers to help you with this kind of project.