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Configuration of Currency


Configuration of Currency



I've spent some time now trying to figure out how to solve a problem of mine, without luck. It's quite possible that it's a quick fix and just me confusing myself.


What I want to do, is to do the following:

On product configuration, I type the price in USD

On the webshop, it should show the price in DKK in today's rate


How exactly do I do this?


Thanks in advance!


Re: Configuration of Currency

Bump! Is there anybody who can help?

Re: Configuration of Currency

It's easy as hell,


1) System>Configuration> General>Currency Setup

On Base Currency select US Dollars

On Default Display Currency Select  Danish Krone

On allowed currencies select only Danish Krone



2) Then go to System>Manage Currency> Rates

Clic on import and save



Re: Configuration of Currency

Thanks, I have no idea what I did wrong. It works now.