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Configuration required for single company (online sell) with 8 stores (store wise physical sell)

Configuration required for single company (online sell) with 8 stores (store wise physical sell)

Please suggest which configuration one should choose for following requirement:


1) I have 8 store in same region (language/currency would be same) selling same products on all store. At present Store also have the software which manages sales/invoice and inventory management part ( add product, stock, etc)... 


2) This software is in legacy system and has local installation in each store which takes care of individual store business.


3) Now I want to develop magento ecommerce website which will be used for online product shopping as well as for store business.


4) For online buyer it will be regular add to card to payment workflow including customer registration. which would be served at company level and doesn't have to bother about product availability and will just place the order which will be fulfilled in promised days as per business model. 


5) For Individual store: there would be store specific user which will do store operation like  maintain it own product catalogue (which is common for all store), manage stock in that store and will take care of billing and invoice printing.


6) Customer will walk to individual store and buy products where store person requires custom billing option and will not follow regular add to cart, check out , shipping and billing address details and online payment options. Billing option looking is short one where customer name, reference and product details will be added along with quantity and it will create total bill with an option to apply any discount and finalise bill and print the invoice. you can say shot form of POS will be used in store.


7) As a company owner/admin would like to see the consolidated sell, stock for individual product/category ( total summation of all store product and transaction details) . Also can view store wise report (sell, stock ) and also can check availability of any product across store (in case customer looking item not available in that store but might be available in other store) 


8) website would be single which would be used by online buyer and by store person. Store person will get only access to store for which they are mapped (authorisation at store level)


9) kindly suggest which type of configuration one should choose and also suggest any custom billing extension for store (short form of POS) 


10) 1.9 series Community edition is being asked.