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Configure DHL shipping

Configure DHL shipping

Hi all,


I had UPS shipping,

Now I want to configure for DHL shipping, but it doesn't work.

I've registered a user at

I filled all of 3 fields: Access ID (?userID from Number

But when i clicked Get a Quote on my website, it showed DHL Displayed Error Message


Anybody can help me,

Thanks so much.


Re: Configure DHL shipping

I am Magento ver.

Anyone has the same problem with me? I want to configure DHL for international shipping

Thanks for you help

Re: Configure DHL shipping

What error is displaying?

Re: Configure DHL shipping

Thanks larplarp12345 for your reply, it was more than 2 years. I think I contacted DHL reps to resolve this issue.


Thanks again,

Re: Configure DHL shipping

Can you enable debug for that shipping method and check log for that and share that log