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Configuring a complicated product set

Configuring a complicated product set

I have a store where we sell a highly configurable product.

To simplify, we have about 100 products, each of these 100 products can be manufactured in up to 20 sizes and then finished in one of around 100 finishes. Pricing is related to both the product, the size and the finish

100 x 20 x 100 - that is potentially 200,000 different products.

We don't want to create 200,000 different types of products - that would be madness.

Can anyone give me a suggestion as to how to set this up

One suggestion is to have a product and the size together (customer selects product A at size Z) and then find an extension that creates a related product based on the size Z and one of the 100 finishes. But the customer always buys these two 'products' together?

can anyone make any suggestions as to how i can do this, whether there is an extension out there that helps me achieve this or help in any way with this problem

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Re: Configuring a complicated product set

Hi @graham888


I've been looking into a very similar situation. It seems like the best course of action (to get all 200,000 of your simple products) may be to fill out an excel spread sheet template with all the attributes needed for your configurable product.


This is a fast(er) way to get all your simple products, including all the custom attributes, and keeping everything organized. You might want to use the drag and drop feature, as well as the formula =A1&B1 for a faster way of naming things.


Best of luck!

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