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Content Marketing for Magento

Content Marketing for Magento

Hi we are using magento 1.xx for our business, and currently using fishpig to have wordpress capabilities for our website content. However, the wordpress is pretty limited and we cant use the full capability of wordpress.


Do you think creating a internal microsite instead will be a better alternative? eg



In that way, we wont have integration problems. Was hoping someone else can shed some light on this. Thanks. 


Re: Content Marketing for Magento

Hi @contentmarker,

The link you added in the post is not working, but I think I know what are you referring to.


If you are trying to implement a Wordpress website in a subdomain, and Magento in the main domain, you can definitely do that.


You will have each platform in a different directory, and a separate database for each platform.



Best regards.


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Re: Content Marketing for Magento

im sorry, that was an example.


Is a subdomain microsite the best solution for content marketing in magento?

Re: Content Marketing for Magento

Hello @contentmarker

The choice of where a blog (or any other text content) should be placed depends on many factors.

From an SEO perspective, it is better to have everything under one roof, i.e. to place a blog in a directory like site . com / content/ . This way all the link juice from outbound links coming to your site will help to rank all pages of the blog and store.


Alternatively, a blog can be found at content . site. com. The main drawback (again, from an SEO point of view) is that Google treats subdomains as different sites, so your efforts to rank both the main site and the blog will have to be doubled.


To summarize, I would go for a subdirectory. If you choose this option, there is an extension that will help you build a good blog with all the needed features inside Magento.

The only preventing factor might be if you already have a separate blog with many posts and transferring it to the directory of the main domain would require unjustified efforts and may cause data loss.



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Re: Content Marketing for Magento

Im not concerned on the SEO at all as we dont have any content for now, we are okay to start afresh. 


What is your reviews on the blog pro, does it offer better capabilities than a full fletched wp site? There are many types of contents and we wish to make sure it can allow us to do what we want.


Most importantly, there are a lot of changes on our magento site, didnt want it to lag the site.