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Coupon codes for orders placed in the backend (admin)

Coupon codes for orders placed in the backend (admin)



I need some help with setting up some Coupon Codes that would also work when placing orders from the backend. We have a store that has operators (placing orders in the name of the customers). These operators are users with assigned roles. We are running various promotions that appears to work only on the frontend. I think the issue is coming from the fact that these operators (users) are not *customers* and does not fall into any *groups*. When creating a new shopping cart rule you must specify the groups for which these rules will be enabled. 


Any workarounds? I didn't saw anywhere on google or this forum a similar issue - somebody asking about using coupon codes in the backend. I saw that there is a field (APPLY COUPON CODE) when placing a new order but when using the code that is working fine on the frontend, it says "invalid code" for the backend. Thanks!


Re: Coupon codes for orders placed in the backend (admin)

You could setup a Catalog Price Rule based on the category and set all products that you need to apply this discount to to that category. that way, the discount would get applied when it is added to the cart by the user.

Re: Coupon codes for orders placed in the backend (admin)

Hi @ideance


You can apply direct discount/surcharge amount to admin orders using below extension:


Magento 1:

Magento 2:




There is no need to manage coupon codes for such orders as it will be really a headache to create a coupon for a specific request on phone.