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Create new order not working on magento


Create new order not working on magento

I have been trying this for sometime now, but I am unable to create a new order from the admin interface. It works well for customers (thanks god) but thru the admin interface, it just doesn't work.


No messages, no error, no nothing. I tried:

1. firebug, console is clean, only some POST, but that is normal, just giving OK. :-(

2. Looked at all logs on my server:

  1. mysql - clean
  2. httpd/access - clean
  3. httpd/error - clean
  4. magento/var - nothing

Anyone has any ideas? To me it seems as if there is another (hidden) field that I was supposed to enter but didn't. Like, shipping method, if it is not there, it gives a very discrete message and doesn't do anything. Problem is that I just don't know what to look at. If at least there was a way to turn on some detailed log of what is doing. :-(






Re: Create new order not working on magento



I wrote this post and by writing what my suspicion was, I was able to find out the problem.


I have a "Brazilian" extension cartoescielo from oitoo. It works well, but for some reason, it was not opening up the menu and despite the fact that I didn't want to have CC as payment, behind the dropdown, it was asking me to choose the credit card I was going to use. I then pretended to chose it, then set the payment as I wanted and... voia la. It worked.


I will contact the developer of that extension for help.


Thanks anyway, for me this is closed. I don't know how to really close it.

Re: Create new order not working on magento

Glad you got it sorted @fredao, thanks for reporting back!


Community Manager, Magento
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