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Creating stores?

Creating stores?



For the store drop down menu to work on my homepage, do I have to create a new website for each of the stores? Or can I have all of the stores in one website like I have at the moment, which doesn't seem to be showing the drop down menu.




Re: Creating stores?

Let's just go ahead and ackowledge that the terminolgy for the scope hierarchy is super confusing. Sorry about that; we've fixed it for Magento 2.


First: Ensure that the additional stores you've created are Enabled.


That said, the hierarchy for Magento scopes in Magento 1 is as follows:


  • Website
    • Store (also known as "Store Group")
      • Store View (this is what shows in store switcher as an option)

The out-of-box behavior for the store selector is to show the Store Views from the current Store; if your Store Views are currently under the same Store then they should show. 

@benmarks, Developer & Community Evangelist at Magento

Re: Creating stores?

Massive help, cheers mate

Re: Creating stores?

When this problem is fixed you may need GeoIP Store and Currency Switcher to auto redirect your visitors to their local store