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Creating unique url key for categories

Creating unique url key for categories



We are trying to build a multisite, multistore Magento platform (EE v1.14.x).

If we import all our data using Magmi, we can have unique URL keys for products, but the URL keys for categories are identical across all sites and stores.


We are dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of categories, so manually updating the category URL keys for each store via admin is unthinkable.


We have tried leaving Magento to build the URL keys automatically but it seems to insist on creating the same keys across all sites/stores.


Are we missing a trick, or is Magento a bit stupid when it comes to generating category URL keys?


Thank you for any advice or feedback.


Best Regards,




Re: Creating unique url key for categories

Hello Elliot,



Since Magento Enterprise 1.13, indexers run through cron job. Have you tried to manually run the indexers through SSH after importing your catalog?


To do that, you should use SSH and run:

php shell/indexer.php --reindexall


Best regards.


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