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Customer Group front end price updates

Customer Group front end price updates

Hi, Yesterday I created some cutomer groups and was running some tests on them to see how it presented in the front end.


I was working with 3 sets of customer group pricing.

1.  Not Logged In (which is a default customer group)

2.  General  (which is also a default customer group)

3.  Custom (which is a new one I created).


Now an unusual thing happened. I set up a test product and added individual prices for the 3 above mentioned groups. I then logged in test customers to see how each group presented in the front end (and of course the 'Not Logged In' required no customer). Everything looked fine on the product pages themselves. I saw the normal price with a line through it and the reduced group price as the main bold price. That was the case for both 'Not Logged In' and 'General' customer groups. HOWEVER for my 'Custom' pricing group the product grid page that shows all the products did not show the group price correctly but when I clicked through to the actual product page itself, it DID show the correct pricing. I got frustrated trying to figure out what the problem was on the product grid page so I left it. Then today I came back and it had resolved itself! The product grid page was now also showing the correct price! HUH?

Ok, so something refreshed over night that brought in the correct front end pricing in product grid view. But what????? Is there a manual refreshing that I can do that rebuilds the correct customer group price in product grid view so I don't have to wait over night for it to resolve itself?