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Customer Order Email - Delivery Date and Time

Customer Order Email - Delivery Date and Time


Where can I remove the time stamp from the order email for the delivery date?

Believe it or not after a customer placed an order, the customer rang because they thought we were going to deliver the package ad Midnight!

On the Transaction Email it has a section called Shipping Method, where the following is generated  Delivery Date: 2017-09-18 00:00:00 I wish to remove the part highlighted in bold to avoid more confusion.

I have looked at the transaction email via the admin and I have the following variable

{{var order.getDeliveryDate()}}

 I assume there is something in the code somewhere. where i can comment out the time stamp? if so where any help appreciated.








Re: Customer Order Email - Delivery Date and Time

Hi @malblack,

I guess you're using a 3rd-party module or a customization.

Normally, Magento will print the attribute as-is, at least you create a method to handle the getter for that attribute.


Maybe this link on StackExchange is relevant:

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