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Customer e-mail on e-mail generated invoice

Customer e-mail on e-mail generated invoice

I'm pretty new to Magento and I am basically taking over some shipping duties at our company and have a question regarding the generated invoices sent to my e-mail when a customer places a order through our website.


The invoice has information pertaining to the amount ordered, the price and total of products ordered, bill to, ship to, invoice number, shipping method and contact information for our company.  I know when a customer makes a purchase they have to provide their e-mail.  When I go to the site and look the order up I see their e-mail but I don't see it on the generated invoice.  How would I go about get the computer generated e-mailed invoice to have the customers e-mail appear on the invoice with all the other information that it already provides.  


Like I said the layout is completely foreign to me so any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.  Also, sorry if this question has already been answered.  A link to a relevant thread would be much appreciated if this is the case.





Re: Customer e-mail on e-mail generated invoice

Hi @cjm31760,


You can edit your transnational emails from within the shop administration.


To get the email: 

{{var order.getCustomerEmail()}}

For customer email, simply input this in the desired email:

Email: {{var order.getCustomerEmail()}}

 Let me know if this works for you.

-- Best regards --
Kent Christiansen / @KentChrDK / Magento Certified Solution Specialist / Visit my site (DK)