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Delivery weight and payments setup

Delivery weight and payments setup


I am trying to setup delivery dependent of weight and delivery type at the same type connected with specific payment type for every type.


I'm am using few types of delivery:

  • Pick up in store- free
  • Standard shipment- payment on online store (paypal or other)
  • Shipment - cash on delivery
  • Free delivery when order bigger than amount (not when coupon used)


Every package (up to 30 kg) cost us 17 but when its cash on delivery first package costs 23.

I have used table rates and this count packages correctly, but I have a problem with setting up payment method for specific delivery. f.e. when some one chose "Standard shipment- payment on online store" customer will see on frontend cash on delivery option, which we don't need or can confuse customer.

Is there any way to setup this? Maybe there is ready to use module for that? At the moment I'm using Ship2Pay (connects delivery with payment method) and flat rates delivery and also matrix delivery options.


Any help needed please.


Have a nice day!




Re: Delivery weight and payments setup

Problem solved!


I have found wonderful module


Advanced Shipping (previously called Owebia Shipping) for Magento 1.x is the solution that helps you configure shipping fees in a very flexible manner.


link to module:


This module solved all my problems. Easy to install, easy to use. Does all we needed and more.


PERFECT! in my opinion must have module, they also have magento 2 extension.