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Different Tax Rates for Specific Country


Different Tax Rates for Specific Country

Hi Everyone,


What is needed:

Tax 26.6% for specific group of customers in Spain [Doesn't Work]

Tax 21% for most of the customers in Spain [Works]

Tax 0% for certain regions in Spain [Works]


Steps I took for 26.6% setup:

Created Customer Tax Class called ES RE VAT (21%+5.6%)

Created Customer Group ES RE Dealer (assigned above tax class to it)

Created testing customer, assigned it to this Customer Group.

Created Tax Rate Spain RE VAT with tax rate of 26.6 (there are 3 other tax rates associated with Spain in the system: IVA Spain - 21% and Las Palmas and Tenerife, attached to specific regions with 0% tax)

Created Tax Rule ES RE Dealer, that uses Customer Tax Class ES RE VAT (21%+5.6%), Product Tax Class IVA 21% (all products are assigned to that class), and Tax Rate Spain RE VAT. Priority 0, Sort Order 0. 


Tested with test customer - received result 21% tax. Expected result 26.6%.

Tried to change Tax Rule priorities twice to have rule associated with this tax priority and sort order 0, and the maximum. No changes in both cases - tax is still 21%. 


Any idea what am I doing wrong?


Thank you.



Re: Different Tax Rates for Specific Country

Hi @Ranmalit,


Can you share the different configurations (screenshots) you've applied?

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Re: Different Tax Rates for Specific Country

Hi Damian,


It works now. More or less... now it calculates tax correctly but display weird price for items Smiley LOL