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Disable Advanced Search Entirely

Disable Advanced Search Entirely



I am working on an e-commerce website that was created and worked on by another party. The search bar in the header will ONLY search for products under URL ..../catalogsearch/advanced/result/ and this returns no results at all and takes at least 10 seconds to load.


If I manually type URL ..../catalogsearch/result/ I am greeted with a new page and an additional larger search bar in the main body of the page. This search bar returns correct results if used and works perfectly. Strangely, if I use the header search bar whilst on URL ..../catalogsearch/result/ the URL does not change back to the advanced results and works correctly. 


My questions is, how can I disable the advanced search module entirely? Or how can I tell the header search bar to search under ..../catalogsearch/result/ NOT ..../catalogsearch/advanced/result/?


Any help would be much appreciated.


Thank you,



(Magento ver.


Re: Disable Advanced Search Entirely

Hi @RGtomwilliams,


Can you try for a moment changing the design to default?

My first thought is a change at theme level. If that works I guess the fix could be easy.


If you start to use the default theme and the error is still present maybe you have some override for that core module.

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