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Disable top level categories

Disable top level categories



I have my products organized into two-level categories (beside the root category of course). I do have about 6 main categories, each one with 3-12 subcategories.


Most of products are added on a subcategory for each of main categories. So basically all products are on all top level categories (indirectly, belonging to subcategories of main categories).


I would like to forbid browsing through top-level categories because otherwise I will have each top level-category display nearly same products.The main problem was on breadcrumbs that are displayign the top level categories...


I have fixed this by making inactive all top level categories and having active just the sucategories.


But I still have some issues because some components (as HTML Sitemap) is relaying on browsing through active categories structure to list all products.


Any clue hot to "better" optimize this setup ?