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Discount coupon applied to sum of VAT EXCLUDED prices

Discount coupon applied to sum of VAT EXCLUDED prices

Hello everyone and thanks for reading me.


I have the current issue: I am trying to setup a discount coupon so to give €5 off any order of €30 and above,

current setup:


Cart Price Rule Condition

-> Subtotal equals or greater than 30


Cart Price Rule Action

-> Apply Fixed amount discount for whole cart

-> Discount amount: 5

-> Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To: 0
-> Discount Qty Step (Buy X): 0
-> Apply to Shipping Amount: No

-> Free Shipping: No

-> Stop further rules processing: Yes


System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Taxes

-> Tax Calculation Method Based On: Total
-> Tax Calculation Based On: Store Origin
-> Catalog Prices: Excluding Tax
-> Shipping Prices: Excluding Tax

-> Apply Customer Tax: After Discount
-> Apply Discount On Prices: Including Tax

-> Apply Tax On: Custom price if available
-> Enable Cross Border Trade: No


With this setup, the discount is applied only when the sum of prices EXCLUDING VAT is 30 or more


Example 1: 3 bottles of wine = 3 * 9 = 27 (price excluding VAT)

VAT is 22% -> 27 + 5.94 = 32.94 (price including VAT)

In this case the discount is NOT applied


Example 2: 4 bottles of wine = 4 * 9 = 36 (price excluding VAT)

VAT is 22% -> 36 + 7.92 = 43.92 (price including VAT)

in this case the discount IS applied


I would like to apply the discount on the final price VAT included of €30, no matter what products and what tax class they are in (since we have 3 tax classes which alternate depending of destination address).

ATM, with the configuration described above, this does not happen


Thanks very much for any support you can give me