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Display backorder notice in bundle/configurable product page

Display backorder notice in bundle/configurable product page

My apologies if this is in the wrong section - since I don't know how to do it I don't know whether it's a configuration, custom code, etc issue.


We have a few products that we offer while they are on back-order. Each of these products are offered as part of a bundle, and some are ONLY available inside bundles (often the bundle is just the product with checkboxes for a discounted accessory or two.) We also have a few configurable products where we would like to allow customers to order sizes/colors/etc that are out of stock with a notice that there will be a delay.


If the customer adds the back-ordered product to the cart, they do properly get a notification on the cart page. However, there is no indication on the bundle product page that part of their bundle is on backorder, or on the configurable product page that their selected option is on backorder. Many of our customers never even visit the cart page and only skip directly to checkout (which also doesn't give any indication of a back-order) so they can very easily order something with an expected delay of weeks before shipping without any indication of the delay! It's starting to become a substantial customer service problem.


What can I do to put the back order warning on these product pages? Thanks for your help.