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Do I need shipping extension?


Do I need shipping extension?

I'm setting up my first magento site.

I see setup in Magento for shipping (both USPS and UPS are options and that is what I currently use).

I also see a number of shipping extensions.

Does the included shipping option work OK (and create shipping labels), or is an extension needed to get an efficient, integrated shipping solution?


Thank You,



Re: Do I need shipping extension?

Hi @calhouncycle

Whether you need a shipping extension or not depends on your requirements. Magento has default basic settings for shipping. If you don't need any advanced options or shipping restrictions, you don't have to look for any extensions.


However, if you have special requirements, you might need something to meet them. Here is a list of our shipping extensions in case you'll need



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Re: Do I need shipping extension?

Thanks for the reply,

I guess I'll need to work with the default options a bit before I can fully understand as I'm not so sure that I need advanced options or not.

Currently we offer UPS and USPS. Most all order's shipping cost is determined by the weight of the item(s) ordered, though we do have some larger items that we ship by a flat rate.

This seems pretty basic, but maybe Magento default is less basic than this.