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Dropdowns out of stock?


Dropdowns out of stock?



I have created 5 drop downs for a product each a different size pack of brushes. However, it says theyre are out of stock when I hover over them, even though I have everything set to 'in stock'.


It's quite frustrating, any help would be great, cheers.


Re: Dropdowns out of stock?

I guess you've created configurable products as stock not manage into custom options... Have you checked into simple products which are associated into your main product? And "Stock Availability" is not enought, you also need to add "qty", pl do make sure and refresh cache and reindex all indexer.


Hope it helps you Smiley Happy

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Re: Dropdowns out of stock?

Thank you!

I created them as Custom options in a simple product instead and it's working perfectly!


Cheers mate.