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E-mail system in magento and SMTP

E-mail system in magento and SMTP

Hi all,

I've a problem in my magento installation... maybe some spamming script has entered in my server account and I need to find and delete it. It seems this script use the "sendmail.php" of Zend library to send over than 10.000 email per day. I've tried to rename that zend function but my website stops to work properly, for example when a new user register himsellf into the website or an existing user want to buy something.


So I'd like to know if is possible to use a SMTP server instead the sendmail function to use with magento and I can rename the sendmail.php to avoid the maleware script to work.


How can do it? Thank you


Re: E-mail system in magento and SMTP

Hello @lucablue


Yes, using an SMTP server should solve the issue you've described. You can use Gmail, Yahoo or any other reliable mail server that will help you get your emails delivered.


You can try our SMTP module for Magento 1


Hope that helps!

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