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E-mails not sending

E-mails not sending

Hi there,


I created new email templates for new orders, invoices, password changes etc... and assigned them to their correct areas but when I test them, they don't come through.


Anyone got any ideas as to why this is happening?





Re: E-mails not sending

Hi @Maxpickup


If you can elaborate in more details then some one may be able to help you.

Check following.

1) Check  if mail server is configured on server.

2) Check if cron is configured for Magento.

3) In admin settings check if the email communication is disabled?




Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum

Re: E-mails not sending



Thanks for the reply. I have configured the cron on Magento and the email communication is enabled.


It's strange because they used to work perfectly, now none of them will send.