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Error While Installing Extensions


Error While Installing Extensions

Hi i'm on a Mag v1.9.3.2 website under construction here. Hosted on OVH Pro with Php7 activated on it.

Everything seems to function well but when i try to


> download an extension on magento marketplace

> go to the extenion install interface on my magento admin


In the black screen of the installation panel i have this message:


CONNECT ERROR: Package file is invalid
Invalid package name, allowed: [a-zA-Z0-9_-] chars


I tried with several free extension (for example popular BLOG


Is there a problem with


> my hosting configuration

> my magento installation

> installation configuration


Thank you very much by advance for your help!




Re: Error While Installing Extensions

Hi @lemiran


If you are trying to install it using Magento connect it may not work.

Try to manually install it after extracting the package. You may be facing issue because of php 7 as it is not officially supported by Magento for Magento 1x.

Problem Solved Click Accept as Solution!:Magento Community India Forum

Re: Error While Installing Extensions

Hi @muk_t and thank you for answering me Smiley Wink

My developper adviced us to activate the PHP7 in order to boost magento performances...


I dezipped the package but i have app/lib/skin folders and package.xml

How could i install it now?




[RESOLVED] Re: Error While Installing Extensions

Hi again @muk_t

I followed some tuto on the net about how to install an extension with ftp upload. I didn't now it could be so easy!

Log out and log in and Voilà!! My blog extension is there!

Thank you for your help!