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First time buyers Discount Coupon

First time buyers Discount Coupon

Hi everyone.

We want to deploy an opt-in banner offering a 10% Discount to first-time buyers if they sign up to our newsletter.

The question is:

How can we filter/detect whether the user has purchased before? Via the coupon rules, or any other way.

I know I can set the Coupon to be used only once,,,,but once we deploy the opt-in banner, how can we stop everyone from signing up and receiving the email with our new 10% Discount Coupon?

This should be simple, but I can't figure out how to do this!

Any help most welcome.

Thanks a lot,

Oliver Page



Re: First time buyers Discount Coupon

Actually this model has pretty big weakness as nothing stops people to keep using random e-mails for generating new users and getting 10% discount even though they already bought something previously. While it might sounds like a good idea (at least they buy stuff!), it dilutes customer base and may hurt bottomline -- also it might undermine other campaigns you have as they need to be at least as good as first purchase incentive.

Tanel Raja

Re: First time buyers Discount Coupon

Hi, Thanks a lot for the response!

Yes, you make a good point that anyone can just set up a new account to be a 'new customer' - but apart from that issue, I really wanted to see if there was a way of 'detecting' whether someone has already purchased or not...using Coupon code rules... or by any other means.

There are lots of websites that offer this kind of promotion for first-time buyers, so I wonder how they can offer the Coupon but not allow it to be used by someone who has already purchased.

All ideas are much appreciated!

Thanks a lot,




Re: First time buyers Discount Coupon

Hi Oliver,


You can use the phone no of the customer as well along with email while validating the first time user. When they apply the coupon code, you can  send the OTP (one time password) over their phones and if that phone number has already been used for discount coupon, you can restrict that user from using the coupon again. Let me know if this idea solves your purpose to some extent.



Aditya Katiyar

Re: First time buyers Discount Coupon

A way to proceed to identify new customer who never purchased is to create a customer segment based on the number of orders of the customer. Create a segment for all customer with 0 orders, and restrict the use of the coupon to customer in this segment.

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