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Generating URL Key for products after import

Generating URL Key for products after import

We need to change the URL Key for a lot of products in magento 1.9.2

We are using "fast bulk import" to change some fields for a store view and it does not say anything in the documentation that it would generate the url key. The support didn't reply.

But I have noticed that it is possible to import the name field as url key field. After import the url key is wrong, it is the same as the name field with spaces and so on. After reindexing though the field is correct. It looks like is should.

I works as I mentioned but I'm not sure if this is a proper way to do it. I don't like trial and error technique especially not when it affects hundreds of products.

So I would appreciate some feedback on whether or not this should be used or if there is something else we should consider.

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