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Groued Product and simple products inventory


Groued Product and simple products inventory

We have two simple products say "A" and "B" and they have different quantities in stock. Product "A" is sold individually as well as grouped with product "B". But product B is sold only as a Grouped product with "A" and not individually.
How do we go about selling this and managing inventory at the same time?
We don't want to display the product "B" individually and also want to disable or put out of stock the grouped product when the stock of either "A" or "B" become zero.
Brakes Specialist


Re: Groued Product and simple products inventory

Hi @Brakeneeds,


Magento won't allow you to perform that action (at least not with Magento out-of-the-box).

Maybe you can use an observer to listen when the stock item change and then, knowing the product ID, validate if that product is part of a grouped product.

If your current product went out of stock you could use the observer to detect the grouped product and disable it or change the Out of stock flag.


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