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Grouped Product Discounts

Grouped Product Discounts

We have a Grouped product that consists of 3 books. When the customer selects the grouped product, they are given checkboxes to select each of the three books and they get placed in the cart as three separate line items.

We have a Shopping Cart Price rule that discounts the "group" by $20.

Now, when the customer selects a single group, the discount is applied. But then they select more than one of the grouped products, the discount is only being applied once.

How can I make that discount apply to ALL?

Here's the Conditions and Actions:Conditions Actions


Re: Grouped Product Discounts

Not sure how many views this thing has gotten but it's gotten exactly ZERO answers.


What's up with the Magento community? Doesn't anyone want to help out?

Re: Grouped Product Discounts

Under Actions > Apply, have you tried Fixed amount discount instead?

Re: Grouped Product Discounts

When i tried what you suggested, i can't able to add 100 sku's in my action,, did u faced this problem.

Re: Grouped Product Discounts

Hi Jeeva,


Did you get any solution for this. I tried to have another way to provide the discount on grouped products by adding discount attribute on grouped product and applying the same while adding the product to the cart.


For me the issue, I am facing is that I am not getting association of quote item id or product id with quote address object and thats why whenever i calculate the discount, its getting calculated on every product in the cart.


Please let me know if you can help me with this.