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Hosting server migration issue


Hosting server migration issue

I have move host gator one server to another server. I backed up the content and data base. after migration site is not loading properly.

anyone has any idea about this? 


Re: Hosting server migration issue



For configure with a new domain, you can follow either of the two solutions:

Solution 1:

If you are able to log into backend, you can easily modify the base URLs of the site via:


System -> Configuration -> Web (Under the General section) -> Unsecure

There change the Field "Base URL" to the new domain.


System -> Configuration -> Web (Under the General section) -> Secure

Here, the "Base URL" field should either match the site's domain or, if you have purchased a Private SSL certificate for the site, here you should type the https form of the URL of your store.


Solution 2 :

If you do not have access to the backend anymore, you need to modify the URL within the database.


Go to the table: core_config_data and update below two records:



The last thing you need to do is clear the cache. The cache folder is located in your root directory > /var/cache. To clear the cache, delete the folder and create it again.


Please accept my solution if you satisfied




Re: Hosting server migration issue

Thanks man. all working. You are a legent