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How can I process some orders automatically and others by hand?

How can I process some orders automatically and others by hand?

Hi, we've just launched a Magento 1.9x store and are enjoying having an update website, but we've encountered some challenges. The biggest one we have now is this. Before we manually processed all orders, which gave us flexibility to hold or process orders depending on what was ordered. If item X wasn't in stock we could hold the whole order, or process and ship some items. If an item was a preorder we could hold it for however many weeks were needed, And best of all, when we got 25 fraudulent orders from some country, my staff could expertly judge which ones were bad and avoid processing them.


The new system, though, is far less flexible: everything is processed instantly, even items that aren't in stock, or items that should manually be processed after verification by my staff, and also preorders, making us the only store in our industry to pre-charge customers for a figure that won't come out for 4 months. I'm working with my developers but so far they've seemed to indicate a "manual process if item X is in the cart" isn't possible or easy to do. But we NEED the flexibility we had before.


So I am asking for any help anyone here can offer, either in the form of configuration tweaks, or plugins we need to be running, or whatever. Thanks in advance for any recommendations you can offer. 


Re: How can I process some orders automatically and others by hand?

Hello PeterInJapan,


If you don't want to manage stock of product, you can enable the config: System > Configuration > CATALOG > Inventory > Product Stock Options > set Manage Stock to No. Your customers can buy many products they want. Your staff will take a look and check. You also consider Stock Options config. I think you can find some features you want.


As Admin user, you create an Order manually: Sales > Orders > Create New Order.


There is an extension for pre-order:

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