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How can i Redirect my Sub Domain by my new Domain?

How can i Redirect my Sub Domain by my new Domain?

I have website called, and added additional store called, now i have purchased new domain How can i redirect my subdomain as new domain, like if customer enter it will be redirect to, and url should be like not changing to in the url bar.

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Re: How can i Redirect my sub-domain by my new Domain?

Hi @Jeeva Rathinam


Well you can do it this from DNS settings of your domain name server , you actually don't need to do anything at magento side.


Most of all the domain panel have this settings to redirect domain to another domain - so you can achieve from there only !


But as you mention that you also don't wanted to change the URL - so i think that 's near to impossible as you are redirecting domain - then off course after redirecting URL should be a that new domain only !


or else if  you still wanted to achieve that then you need to load your full application on the new domain as well 



Hope it helps 

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