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How do I change Stock Availability Scope from Global To Website

How do I change Stock Availability Scope from Global To Website

We run Magento Community 1.8.1 edition and have a two store, multi-store setup.

We have the same products listed on our UK and US website but attributes such as price are site specific.


But we have now run into a problem with the attribute Stock Availability which is currently set to Global and not Website.

The problem being that we use a Recommendations solution called to display personalised recommendations on key pages throughout our website (Home, Category, Search, Product, Cart pages)ing products across our UK website that are currently out of stock in the UK


Nosto is supposed to remove any products from it real time/dynamically populated recommendations. But the field they are checking for whether a product is In or Out of stock, is the Stock Availability attribute listed in the Inventory section of the Product Information record page.


However this attribute's scope is set to Global and not Website. So while our UK stock might be showing zero stock, if the US site has stock, the attribute will use this Global stock level to set the Stock Availability attribute to a value of In-Stock.


This means we are recommending products that people can't buy, which is not a great experience for our visitors.

Is there a simple way to switch this scope from Global to Website?



Re: How do I change Stock Availability Scope from Global To Website

Hi @alcasey,


On Magento, stock is global and there isn't an option to change that to per website level.

Maybe you can check for Multi Location Inventory modules (there are a few paid and free). Also, once you find a module that fits with your requirments you'll need to validate if the Nosto integration is still working properly or needs some change.

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