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How do I customize product urls?

How do I customize product urls?

I would like my product urls to be /category/manufacturer/name/part#. This would be the only url the item uses and how the product is accessed. It would also be used for product feeds. 


My first attempt was to use This creates a single url but I can not customize it. Sometimes it selects the manufacturer and sometimes the category.


My second attempt was with I am working with the developer right now but having a few issues. 


Has anyone been able to do this successfully?


Re: How do I customize product urls?

Hi @TylerWolf,



Since this has been posted several days ago, I would like to know if you were able to find the solution.

Please let us know.
Best regards.

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Re: How do I customize product urls?

I have not been able to find a solution. I have asked everyone and
everywhere. The fact that I am the only one in Magento history that wants
all of my product urls to be the same is so bizarre.

Re: How do I customize product urls?

Hey @TylerWolf


I know you can set your product URLs in the product's management page, but it sounds like you want them to be set when they are made and categorized. Is that correct?

Re: How do I customize product urls?

Yes. I also want to add the manufacturer to the url

Re: How do I customize product urls?



There is this: System->Configuration->Catalog->Catalog->SEO->Use Categories Path for Product URLs


However with that you have to actually categorize your products so that the path comes out to how you want it. The Caveat to this is, and I am not sure if it is true as I don't use this on my website, is that if people were to search your product through your store's search feature it might show correctly in the URL. Also customers may just want to type out a URL for a product and would then have to know the full path. Hope this helps.