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How does Magento handle multisite orders/stocks?

How does Magento handle multisite orders/stocks?

Cheers all, I have a working Magento instance configured with multiple domains and views, a single installation used for more domains.

Trying to decide the best approach in how to use websites/stores/store-views while still in development phase, I would like to understand how orders are routed for a product existing in more than one site.


Example: product "Pineapple" gets created, in the websites option for the product I select it is available in "shop A" and "shop B", then I place the product in the corresponding root categories for each store.

Reading other post over this forum I understood stock inventory is "global" which is good for me, but if I buy "Pineapple" in "shop B", does the payment and the email notification to admins for the order placed all go to the admins and billing account(s) defined in for "shop B"?

Basically it doesn't matter who or where the product was defined but it only matters in which store the order is placed right?

Sorry if my questions sound silly, but the "commercial" part of e-commerce CMS are pretty obscure to me!


Have a good day!


Re: How does Magento handle multisite orders/stocks?

Majority of Magento of settings can be update using scopes -- different scope mean different values for different view or websites. Basically you can use unique settings for your stores which among other things includes payment and delivery method configuration.

Tanel Raja