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How remove configurable attribute?

How remove configurable attribute?

Hi to all, I'd like remove one of three attribute  on configurable attribute because no need it.


In magento "Attribute Manager" I can disable it to configurable but in product page this attribute showed and configure the products.


Please,tell me how can remove this attribute.




Re: How remove configurable attribute?

@Joso970 Could you attach screenshot of the attribute section of Magento where you did the changes for the attribute.

Have you reindexed Magento adfter the changes?


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Re: How remove configurable attribute?

Hi muk_t, this is the situation: in store we have very much configurable product created with this structure:

- structure
- colors
- bulbs

We want reduce the tructure on only two super attribute:
- colors
- bulbs
If, I disable to use the attribute "structure" for configurable products this not change exists product, but I can create new product with two attribute.
The problem is remove the attribute "structure" from old product.

One of my test, on a copy of site, I removed it directly from MySQL database, in catalog_product_super_attribute table but ths solution don't like me.

There is another method more clean to remove this attribute?