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How to clear cache of single product

How to clear cache of single product

Greetings of the day !!


I am using lesti fpc to speedup my site. I am also using some feeds to update stock. For this I am using Magmi over cron.

Now I want to clear cache of few products. Which goes out of stock(using feed via magmi).

What I am trying is ?


Because Magmi running outside magento. /magmi/integration/scripts/mycode.php I included files like below

Mage::getSingleton(‘fpc/fpc’) ->clean(sha1(‘product_1738));

On debuging. 1) I found SHA1 is building right tag 2) Clean function is working. Even $res in clean function is 1 as clean return.

BUT Smiley Sad Cache is not clearing for this product 1738

Is there something wrong is my-flow ?

Please HELP !!!


i already asked this question on the following sites but no one ans my question. Please help me Smiley Sad