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How to create Product Technical Specs

How to create Product Technical Specs


i need to create Product Technical Specs that displays arrays of name / values of product attributes. I like to know how is the best way i should go about doing so ? Should a create all the attributes that i need for given Attribute Set and set to display in front page . or should i just write all the name value attributes and format using HTML table tag and just use it like that ?? 

ex. some thing like the following site.

any suggestion greatly appreciated.  


Re: How to create Product Technical Specs

Hi @tonysar,


I think that the first question you need to make is realted about the role of those attributes.

If one of those attributes will be used for product compares or filter results maybe that attribute needs to be a full attribute and not just html content.

For example: Printhead Resolution can be used as filter to choose printers types and Font Range won't be used.


As I said, maybe the first part of this question should be in that direction.

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Re: How to create Product Technical Specs

Hello and thank your for your reply . 

some of the attributes within the technical specs  will be used for search / filtered navigation. but majority will be presentational. 

i can make those spec using attributes, but what im afraid is that the site will be very slow 

Re: How to create Product Technical Specs



Maybe you can start by dividing your needs.

At this point you have 3 requirements:


  1. Attributes used for filter.
  2. Attributes used just as information on product page (no other role)
  3. Performance.


Attributes used for filter

If you need to use a set of attributes as filter, you'll need to create it.

I don't have knowlegde about your catalog or how many attributes you will need, but again, you said you'll need this attributes to be filterable.


Informational attributes

You can use html content. That could work.



You'll need to evaluate not only attributes. There are a lot of things to check in this area.

Isn't only about attributes.

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Re: How to create Product Technical Specs

Thank you for all that information . 

I am not developer , programmer..etc..and im building the site for someone less knowledgable then I am . so I need to make data entry as painless as possible. 

I like to show all those non filterable / searchable attributes , into nicely formatted HTML as example site . but that means each time ,site owner needs to create table / list and enter classes / ids in correct place so CSS can do its job . and that would lead to problems. unless i can find software that can do this and only need copy pasting so far i have not found one . 

however, I think i have to divide my needs into attributes and HTML because performance is important . this site will have a lots of products. ( lab supplies ) thus i need to create a lot of attributes SETS . and few key attributes for each set.