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How to set prices for specific user

How to set prices for specific user



We currently sell online but also have trade customers. The trade prices are different to that of our online ones. This is where it becomes difficult. Some of our trade customers are on different price discount levels off the trade price.


Let us say that item X is £10 on our website. Our normal trade price is £8. However some customers are on 20% OFF the trade price and some 30%. At the moment we are creating an invoice on Magento with 100% OFF from the retail price so the total is £0. (This is just for the warehouse team to know the order). We then finally create an invoice in excel with custom prices to send to the customer. Is there a way to create an online account for our trade customers with different discount levels for products with a different trade price?


I know this sounds confusing but any help is appreciated.


Re: How to set prices for specific user

You can use "Customer Segments & Pricing" Module for your purpose.



Feel free to fire query/concern regarding this.


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Re: How to set prices for specific user

How about if you set discount group same as customer group for each customers and assign dicount price based on products and customer ? Do it match with your needs ?

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Re: How to set prices for specific user