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How to undo a Bulk Attribute Update?

How to undo a Bulk Attribute Update?

Is there a way to undo a Bulk Attribute Update?  I accidentally did a Bulk update to all of the prices for all of my products via admin.  I went to Manage Products and ticked Select All thinking it was just the products on page 1 but it ended up being all my of 8742 products.  I went to Update Attributes and changed the Price, Special Price and Tax Class.  Now all of my product are all the same price which is wrong.  Can I undo this change?


Re: How to undo a Bulk Attribute Update?

Hello  @grant_sullivan 


There is no admin configuration to undo this change. you need to update your database backup or re-import all your product prices. 



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Re: How to undo a Bulk Attribute Update?

The process is almost the same, just add the LDAP attribute to the CSV and for the value put remove.

I’ll remove the values for the employeeid and employeenumber.

csv template remove attributes
Now just run the tool, select the CSV and click run.

I’ll verify the changes in ADUC.

verify user attribute removed
Looks good the values have been removed.

To verify with PowerShell use this command.

Get-ADUser -filter * -Properties * | select employeeid, employeenumber
powershell verify all attributes removed
Bonus! You can remove and update values at the same time.


This may help you,

Rachel Gomez