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Image Labels Required

Image Labels Required

Hi guys,


Had an old installation 1.5.1 and the image labels can be left blank (yes, the theme fills in the labels with the product name if empty for SEO)


Our new installation of 1.9.1 seems to require the labels, how can I turn this off?





Re: Image Labels Required

Hi Tim!


Can you explain a bit more about what you mean by 'requiring the labels'? Are you receiving a specific error message? Also, are you adding the image in the Admin Panel, or importing from a file? I definitely want to try to help you out.



Jenna W. | Magento Certified Solution Specialist
Creatuity | Launchpad

Re: Image Labels Required



Thank you for your reply! Yes I have imported these images from a script and it works fine, it's just that then I manually edit something in the admin panel in magento, it requires that I add a label to all images.