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Invoice question with Paypal Amount Change

Invoice question with Paypal Amount Change

This is going to be an odd question. Whenever we change the amount to capture through paypal, an invoice doesn't get created in Magento. We sometimes change the amount because sometimes the order amount will get changed due to slight discrepancies with actual product amount and what is in the database. Is there any way to fix this issue? Or do I just need to press the invoice button in Magento? I am asking because I don't want it to make a second invoice in POSIM. I just don't like looking at the word Processing on orders that I know have been shipped out and completed already.


Thanks for any help in advance


Re: Invoice question with Paypal Amount Change

So I have answered part of my question. If the invoice total lowers I can do that through magento, however it still doesn't fully make the order completed because it is waiting for the part that won't happen. 


If the invoice total raises; however, I can't do anything about it. It won't let me raise any of the invoice.


All this is done through Capture Offline of the invoice option for orders. Any thoughts? Any clarification needed?