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Magento problem in admin filters and order statuses

Magento problem in admin filters and order statuses

I have 2 problems with Magento ( admin - one in products page and one in order status management.


1. Products page - very often when we use filters. Sometimes some value in the filter is stuck and can't be cleared. No matter what is chosen the value is still valid. It happens with any of the searches like - name, sku, category etc ... With logout and login the problem disappears but this is not a solution. It may be caused by something more complex and problematic.

Since the logout-login "fixes" the issue I am thinking that it may be caused by bad cookies, but I was't able to find a problem for now.


2. Order page - sometimes, when we try to change the status of an order (only status, not state) for example from "pending" to "confirmed by phone call" the form starts loading and got stuck and nothing happens. Sometimes the form even disappears. After a refresh of the page the new status is not applied and has to be done again. Usually the 2nd try is successful.

Any ideas for tracking and locating these issues will be appreciated.
I am ready to provide additional information if needed.