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Magento 2 order flow sequence

Magento 2 order flow sequence

Hi Team,

Hope all is well.

It would be great if you could help me to figure out the order flow in magento.

- I understood until Order placedOrder in pending statusPayment confirmed/verified. But got confused with the invoice generation. I wanna use COD as the payment method and need to generate an invoice which shows the “amount due" and send it to the customer.

- At what step I can print the packing list to pick the order and process it?

- Do I need to 'invoice' the order before shipping it ?

- How can I modify an order (cancel one item from an order) ?

- Can I cancel an order after I ship it ?

- How do I handle a COD order Return ?

- Can you suggest the best tutorial for magento 2 order flow sequence, credit memo, generating packing slip etc?

Thank you,


Re: Magento 2 order flow sequence

It would be great to get a response on this , as I have the same question