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Magento Connect Manager - Invalid Login

Magento Connect Manager - Invalid Login

Yes, I cannot get logged into the Magento Connect Manager.


1.) Username and Password are correct.....I checked them 10 times.

2.) No messages in the error logs.

3.) I've even uploaded a completely fresh directory of the Downloader folder fro the magento version

4.) Cleared all the cache and session folders

5.) Checked local.xml file and everything is correct.


Please help me figure what is going wrong.  Magento



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Re: Magento Connect Manager - Invalid Login

Hi Kris, 


It is a little hard to debug without any screenshots etc. but one thing you can try is deleting the file downloader/connect.cfg  which should be created again the next time you load the Magento Connect Manager


Take a backup first though, just in case 

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