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Magento Multi Store, Multi Domains & SSL Certs. Need UCC/SAN?

Magento Multi Store, Multi Domains & SSL Certs. Need UCC/SAN?

I have a multi store that is using two domains. and

I want to share cart and customers between the stores. I have done all the code work and pass the SID across when changing stores.

I can get this to work beautifully if I don't enable SSL. I have the System > Web > Session Cookie Management working fine. Once I enable SSL, the whole thing falls apart. I can't stay logged in across both domains anymore.

Right now, I am using two different SSL certs to secure each domain ( and Do I need an UCC (Unified Communications Certificate) certificate instead? Are the separate certs causing the session info to drop? I was under the assumption that Apache stores the session info in the backend and the cert would only encrypt content while traveling between the server and the browser.


Here is a screenshot of my cookie/session info that works until I turn on SSL...



Any input/questions, etc would be very helpful.

Thank you!


P.S. I have googled this for days. I have also tried every variation of configuration of the settings that I can think of.

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