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Magento compatibility with MYSQL 5.7?


Magento compatibility with MYSQL 5.7?

Hi everyone!


I have a question that I would like to share wit you, I already have an Enterprise Magento Version, I wonder if it is compatible with MySQL 5.7 or MySQL 5.7 is only for Magento 2.x.

Additionally, Is there any document where I can demonstrate that It is or not possible?


Thank you!


Best regards,




Re: Magento compatibility with MYSQL 5.7?

Hi @VJ29, since this is EE you can always ask these types of questions via our support portal. Our System Requirements doc shows 5.6 as the requirement: but I will check with them to see if there are any known issues for MySql 5.7.


Edited: I spoke with support and they said they'd advise to stick with 

our system requirements and use MySQL 5.6. You can try to use 5.7, but:


  1. You need to thoroughly test your site before applying the upgrade to your server, and
  2. we can’t officially provide EE support if you run into issues.

Community Manager, Magento
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