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Magento evaluation & capabilities

Magento evaluation & capabilities

I am looking at upgrading an old osCommerce site. I hope some of you can help me understand if Magento is right for me or not. The biggest reason I want to get away from osC is the heavy maintenance--the long list of files that require manual editing with each update. Anything that is heavily modified is a nightmare to update, and my osC install was heavily modified. I am evaluating Magento because I am aware of many of its strengths,  having played with the  demo data. 


My goal is to use Magento "out of the box" with, hopefully at the most, skin template file updates (and CMS pages), and hopefully auto-installed plugins. So, can I meet that goal, with these features listed below? If not, which ones are likely to require actual file edits that will require those manual edits with each update?

  • Credit card processing (elavon) with anti-fraud strong enough to allow only valid drop-shipments, both international and domestic?
  • Fedex, USPS and postal, with insurance, and appropriate box sizes? (Some items can fit into a flat rate bag or small box, others require larger and/or custom shipping boxes.) At a minimum, add or remove shipping options based on weight. (I do not want a small flat rate box quoted for a large box.)
  • PC and phone friendly, with reasonable auto-resize of most photos that are NOT close to square--they are about 3-4x taller than  wide?
  • Accurate sales tax calculations, appropriate for the county and city?
  • Multiple custom tabs to describe product features, warranties, and specifications?
  • Menu system at the top, with perhaps two drop-downs for products, and three drop-downs with multi-tiered menus (called "data-only categories", in some cart systems) for customer service blog-style help and instructions. I was able to get it to partially work, but it removed the html formatting.

As I mentioned, I have played with the test system data, and it does not take log to see it is feature rich,  but some things appear, with a quick google search, to require a lot of file editing just like  osC. I am really hoping I have overlooked some things.